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Pizza Couch for A Pizza-Lover Friend

Class Project Can design touch someone’s heart?
Special thanks to Stefan Sagmeister

Poster for Documentary Where Is My Cat

Poster for Exhibition Before the End

Lucky Risograph, New York, NY

Typeface Design Soundy.otf

Inspired by the idea typeface and sound are both communication tools for exchanging messages, Soundy.otf is a monospaced typography that mimics the sound wave.

Poster and Promo Video for Alam Virk’s Trapped

Charlie, who once quit his 9-to-5 job to pursue his dream of becoming a writer, got hypnotized and lured back into the darkness of the old cycle.

Applying the format of credential photo, such as CVS passport photo printing, the design strategy here is to illustrate the fact that the strains of social norms trap one’s identity.

Letter P, the only blue letter that stands out from the rest, is a reference of individuality, just like how Charlie is different from others ——physically trapped and mentally raped for being different.

Apollo Vinyl Record Design

This album design is a hybrid of ambient music and Brutalism architectural style.

Ambient music and Brutalism architecture style conflict with each other. Ambient music atmospherically blends into its surrounding while Brutalism architecture distinguishes itself with bulky shapes and defined edges. Yet ambient music and Brutalism architecture both utilize the importance of rhythm and repetition form as a design language for expression.

This album fuses two different styles and tries to send out the feeling of the universe‘s infinite nothingness while astronauts floating in space. Since the astronauts could only bring one cassette to space, I designed both cassette and vinyl versions of this album.


Documentary Memento (2020)

Special thanks to Gael Towey and Stephen Doyle